Examples of Use

InqScribe is used by a wide range of professionals to transcribe, create subtitles, and help with many other tasks in their digital video and audio workflow. Here are just a few examples of how people use InqScribe:


Qualitative researchers use InqScribe to:

  • Create subtitled video presentations to show at conferences.
  • Analyze and code video with time stamped tags.

Documentary Filmmakers

Documentary and Independent Filmmakers use InqScribe to:

  • Transcribe Video Interviews for making edit decisions
  • Create Paper Edits
  • Create Subtitle Text and Timing to export to .srt and other data formats
  • Export transcript to captioning system
  • Share Annotated Clips with directors


Television, radio, and newspaper journalists and producers use InqScribe to:

  • Share Annotated Clips with editors and producers
  • Transcribe Interviews of audio and video footage
  • Create Subtitle Text
  • Export transcript to captioning system


Professional Transcriptionists use InqScribe to:

  • Transcribe client footage including audio and video files
  • Export transcripts to client-specified formats

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